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pretty good

well out of all the stuff ive seen in the portal recently, this is the best, good lil fight scenes in this 1, u could do great things, seeing as its ur first flash and all. i think everyone has mentioned this to u bout not using sticks:P and id have to agree, but what u did with them was good though:D keep up the good work

dude what the hell haha

wow u have no idea how confused i am.....but...i couldnt help myself but laugh hehe:P

yeah not bad

yeah good characters and good ideas, the animation couls be slightly better, but all round pretty good, plus, i friggen love that song:D

pretty nice

that was a pretty good flash, i quite liked it, the pictures were nice but could b a bit better at times, the animation was well done, and i think it all went really well. oh yeh good luck with being a dad and all!


very nice dude, love the animation and all that, 1 this i was annoyed about was when i wanted 2 watch it the second time there was no button 2 watch it again, and if a just rewound it the sound sorta doubled, but oh well, nice work i hope 2 c more of your work( i went and watched all ur other flash's, they r kick ass to).oh yeah, and some1 said u spelt colour wrong and its meant to be color, well they failed english, i just thought i might point that out 4 no reason

just 1 thing

dude you make the best flashes, keep it up

wast of my time

i gave it a 1 for graphics coz u can draw (not very well)it was a good idea but it didnt turn out so good if its ur first time at flash good on ya but otherwise, u know wat they sayif u cant beat em join em, wait no or was it dont eat cheese b4 noon?never mind.keep trying and u will get better, and i mihgt give u better than 1 for an over all mark :)


that was one of the best flashes ive seen, and ive seen allot.At the end with the dog thing doing the prostitute funny funny shit .....disturbing...but funny.I loved the sound track to this.all up nice work, keep it up and ....just make more!

as a person who loves to draw on flash but cant animate for shit i would love to someday do something good and submit it to newgrounds, and hopefully get a good review.. or am i asking too much?:(

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